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Special Exhibitions 
Women’s power: Women’s and Girls’ Sport in Finland
9 May–12 October 2014 
Women were in the forefront when the structures of Finnish sport were molded in the last years of the 19th century. Finnish Women’s Gymnastics Association, established in 1896, was the first nationwide sport association in the country. The exhibition Women’s Power retraces the development of women’s sport in Finland from earliest times until 2014. The oldest exhibit on display is a women’s gymnastics dress from the 1880’s, the latest outrigger skis used by Alpine skier Katja Saarinen at the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014.


Special Exhibitions 
Sports Idols
28 March–12 October 2014 
The exhibition presents sporting heroes of past and present from Paavo Nurmi to Teemu Selänne. Watch the fans’ highlights on video, have your photo taken with your idol or send your message to him or her! 



Publications of the Sport Museum Foundation of Finland
How to order:
The books may be ordered by e-mail. The price (including postage) should be paid in advance to the bank account of the Sport Museum Foundation of Finland. 
Please send the following information to the address pia.arvo(at)
- Your name and address
- Books that you wish to order
We will send a message that confirms your order. The message will include the total sum (postage included) and our bank account number. 
For more information please contact pia.arvo(at)stadion.


The Collection Policy of the Sports Museum of Finland
 The Sports Museum of Finland began its activities in 1931 under the auspices of the State Sports and Gymnastics Board. In 1938, the Sports Museum Foundation was established for the administration of the museum.
According to the by-laws of the Foundation, the Sports Museum collects, studies, stores and displays material and information on the culture of sports and physical exercise. Material of Finnish origin is given primary importance in collection.  





Research of sports history is one of the key areas of activity of the Sports Museum Foundation of Finland.
In 2011 the Sports Museum Foundation launched an extensive research project that aims to chart the development, main characteristics and changing directions of Finnish sport and physical culture. The first stage of the project concentrates on the period from the 1970’s to the present day.

The Research project of the torches made for the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.

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