The Sports Museum of Finland

The Sports Museum of Finland offers reliable expert information on Finnish sports and a versatile learning environment for people of all ages. The Museum preserves and documents material relating to sports and physical culture in Finland and conducts and facilitates research in the area.

As the designated national specialised museum in its field, the Sports Museum of Finland directs and co-ordinates sports-related activities of other museums in Finland.

Contact information:

Tel. +358 9 434 2250

E-mail: urheilumuseo(at)

Personal e-mail addresses of museum personnel: firstname(dot)surname(at)

National specialized museums

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Collection and information services

Ossi Viita

Head of Collections and Information Department
Document archives, research and donations
Advisory and educational services
Tel. +358 44 712 9345

Riitta Forsman

Object collections, co-ordination with other museums
Tel. +358 40 844 7720

Kalle Rantala

Special researcher
Document archives, research and donations 
Advisory and educational services
Visits to the archives
tel. +358 44 700 2592

Jouni Lavikainen

Special researcher
Object collections, research and donations
Poster collection
Tel. +358 44 732 3040

Merja Vilen

Photograph collections
Tel. +358 44 761 1713

Matti Hintikka

Library services and acquisitions 
Information service, sales and production 
Publication services
Tel. +358 41 538 3854

Vesa Tikander

Special researcher
Information service
Library services
Tel. +358 44 783 4594

Riikka Aminoff 
(on study leave until 30 April 2017)

Special researcher
Object collections, research and donations
Poster collections
Tel. +358 44 719 3643

Exhibition services

Kaisa Laitinen

Development director
Tel. +358 50 565 0640

Henriikka Heikinheimo

Communications officer
Media relations and marketing
Tel. +358 44 761 9470 

Jonna Kokkola

Curator of education
Pedagogical services, guided tours
Tel. +358 44 788 3764 

Pia Arvo

Customer services and functions
Administrative affairs
Tel. +358 40 532 1688


Pekka Honkanen

General and financial administration
Tel. +358 500 667 077

Kaisa Laitinen

Development director
Personnel management, financial administration
Tel. +358 50 565 0640

Sports Museum Foundation of Finland, Board members 

Seppo Hentilä, Chairman

Rauno Anttila

Olli-Pekka Karjalainen

Ursula Lindholm

Riia Martinoja


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