Collections of Objects 

The collections of the Sports Museum include over 30,000 objects from different sectors of physical culture and sports. The oldest item is an ancient ski dating from 2,500 years ago, the newest ones are sporting goods of the present day. 

The Museum has acquired its collections as donations. Many illustrious names in Finnish sports history, such as Paavo Nurmi and Jari Kurri, have donated their prizes and equipment to the Sports Museum. Donators are not necessarily elite athletes, however: the Museum collections also include equipment and clothing of ordinary people who have practiced sports. If you want to make a donation to the Sports Museum, please contact the staff.

More information:

Riitta Forsman

tel. +358 40 844 7720  

Jouni Lavikainen
special researcher
tel. +358 44 732 3040

Helsinki Olympic Games 1952

Objects, textiles, posters and artworks relating to the 1952 Olympic Games.




Stockholm Olympic Games 1912

Objects relating to the Olympic Games of Stockholm 1912.

Helsinki Olympic Games 1940 

The Helsinki Olympic Games of 1940 never took place. Originally awarded to Tokyo, the Games were transferred to Helsinki in 1938, but they were subsequently cancelled altogether due to the Second World War. On display here is a sample of objects and documents relating to the 1940 Olympic Games. 


3D objects

Study our museum objects in three-dimensional images!


The collections of the Sports Museum include more than 2,000 posters, the oldest of which date from the early 20th century. The posters feature both Finnish sports and international championship events. The collections also include dozens of posters of various Olympic Games.